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You CAN Balance Your Act

You CAN Balance your Act

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Last article I talked about pain and the fact that it is a universal problem. I offered six ways to take action:

*Think positively

*Establish new and healthy habits

*Get active; start moving

*Improve nutrition and drink plenty of water

*Get adequate sleep

*Develop a personal environment of happiness and health

The more I thought about these steps, the more I realized the importance of integrating them into everyday life. The bottom line is that you are solely responsible for your own health.

Focus on how your body feels and how you can improve your physical, mental and emotional fitness level. Take pride in yourself. It always starts with you. If you cannot make yourself happy and healthy, how can you influence others?

Have you ever been around someone who radiates positive energy? Didn’t you feel invigorated after talking with them? Stop watching negative television shows. Read more. Take responsibility for yourself and every aspect of your life.

Find a mentor; successful people are excited about sharing with others. Relax and treat yourself to a massage. Don’t feel guilty about taking time out just for you.

Remember, you goal is to achieve balance in your life, harmonizing your mind, body and soul. By building a healthier lifestyle and alleviating pain in your life, you are well on your way toward a new you.

It’s not only time to take action, but time to take inspired action. Inspired action is action that doesn’t feel like work; it’s a wonderful feeling and almost effortless.

Let’s recap:

FIRST STEP: Recognize the signs and symptoms of your pain. Learn your own pain patterns and being to learn how to control your pain. Identify the causes of your pain.

SECOND STEP: Believe in yourself. Make a change in your attitude. Pain often creates an overall negative outlook on life. Challenge yourself to create a positive attitude toward your pain.

THIRD STEP: Pay attention. Have your nutritional habits improved? Sleeping habits? Mental habits? Keep tabs on your progress and do frequent “how am I doing” checks.

FOURTH STEP: Create the thought of feeling better and living a pain-free life. Though creates action.

FIFTH STEP: Look for a mentor, but also be one. Just as we all need help and guidelines throughout our lives, think about those who have made a positive difference in your life. Make it your goal to spread your newly found positive attitude to others. Share your experiences with others so that they can learn what worked for you and what may help them. Go to stretchingyourlife.com and post on this blog article.

You are on your way to balancing your act. You have made a personal choice to take control and make changes in your life by adoption new habits and implementing you new lifestyle. Take your time and make sure to have fun along the way. The key is taking that first step and proceeding at your own pace.

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