Stretching Your Life Blog Job Listing: Licensed Massage Therapist – Full Time

Job Listing: Licensed Massage Therapist – Full Time

Salary: Commissioned based (37%-50%)

Benefits: PTO and Health Insurance

Training available: For Active Isolated Stretching techniques and no experience needed in massage therapy; just a license for the State of Florida


Now Hiring: Licensed Massage Therapist – full time


At Stretching Your Life (SYL), we inspire people to find hope and movement. We don’t just say that, we mean it and we do it every day. Most days at SYL are packed full of laughter in a family like atmosphere. There will be challenges with possible long days, but the reward will be contributing to something that is greater than yourself, WITH an amazing team. We want you to bring the passion, talent and love to everything you do here. You will be expected to take high ownership and improve yourself constantly. You will be held accountable for our 6 core values and will be expected to hold your teammates accountable as well. The values are what unify us and allow us to make the impact that we do. They are crucial to our mission of being our clients most trusted advisor while making a profound difference in their lives by providing a pain free life and better functionality.

We believe that client support is better termed client delight. We believe in the client experience, one that wows, and an experience that our clients are stoked enough about to shout it from the roof tops. We are insanely passionate about helping others and facilitating healing. We currently need additional team members who share this vision, members that are just as passionate as we are on our journey in inspiring people to find hope and movement. We are driven by “more.” More to share, more to learn and more to be. If this does not sound like you, don’t read further. Really, please do us both a favor and don’t waste any more time.


We do the right thing

We speak the kind truth and believe in reading in-between the lines of our client’s problems, ethically approaching, engaging and participating in behaviors that align with our responsibilities to provide the best treatment possible.

We are a Team

We offer a human experience involving freedom of laughter, smiles and love radiating a family experience. We don’t gossip or vent to the wrong people. Gossip kills unity and destroys teams.

We are empathetic

We are emotionally intelligent. We anticipate what our clients’ needs are. We build trust through open, authentic communication; we listen to their challenges, serving and discovering their immediate needs and caring in their best interest.

We believe in people and persevere

We strive to remain objective and willing to push past current circumstances. We take initiative and love to help people achieve amazing results and become the best version of themselves.

We check our egos at the door

We do recognize the need for a branded client experience and checking our egos at the door. We are entitlement free; we’re always doing “better than we deserve” because we are grateful for what we have and believe no one owes us anything. We recognize there are options in the abundant world, and we never hesitate to reach outside the box for alternative client care.


SYL provides services for a diverse client population; ages 5-100 with various mobility issues, muscle diseases, and injuries. These services could include massage therapy (therapeutic, and sports massage), Active Isolated Stretching, The Mattes Method (a specialized flexibility therapy with suggestive strength training exercises) and Class IV Infra-Red Laser Therapy. We are looking for a humble, hungry and smart therapist with or without an existing clientele; a therapist who is willing to be challenged and willing to learn modalities, contribute new knowledge and skills with positive leadership qualities.

SYL therapist are offered compensation commensurate with experience, in an uplifting and dynamic environment, that truly encourages a work/life balance. We ask our therapist to pursue their own areas of interest and strive to meet the needs of our community and clientele. We are excited to have created an environment where our values and compassion are visible in our appreciation and respect for our employees and the love we show our clients.

SYL is also partnered with Central Remedy (Central), a collaborative Health Care facility that includes C3 Chiropractic consisting of ARP Wave Therapy (accelerated recovery programming) and chiropractic adjustments, A Touch of Healing (lymphatic drainage), Tallahassee Chinese Medicine consisting of acupuncture and cupping with muscle testing on functional medicine on the way. Our partnered clinic is comprised of 4 established practices combined of over 50 years of work experience and are expanding at a rapid pace inside the alternative health field. SYL and Central prides itself and hires first for a TEAM-CULTURE FIT. We offer an in-house referral network sharing, combining knowledge and modalities in the best interest of our clients/patients. Some additional perks of joining our team include:

  • Your voice counts: team members may own specific roles, but everyone has a say when setting goals or making plans. We value your input and experience
  • Empowering culture: Our team believes in one another! We love to laugh and enjoy getting to know one another
  • Always learning: We are learning daily by growing our clinic, but we also learn from one another; practioners and team members
  • High trust: we work in an environment where you can be yourself. We share a mutual concern, respect and love for one another
  • Work with great people: be a part of our collective and talented team were you will excel and be motivated!
  • Meaningful impact: Be a part of being something bigger than yourself and impact the community through all the services we offer.


(If this sounds like you, you may be the perfect fit)?

You are an empathetic and compassionate person who is passionate about helping others and serving something greater than yourself. A person with high emotional intelligence that is interested in growth, learning and opportunity. You are known by your loved ones as the “master of making a difference”

You are trustworthy. Your integrity and honesty are unquestionable. People feel safe placing their trust in you and you hold that sacred. Those with trust issue need not apply, seriously.

No job is beneath you. You are willing to do whatever it takes; clean floors, hold the door open and taking out the trash.

You take initiative. You are looking for an opportunity for growth, to build your craft. You are always open to hearing and sharing new ideas and enjoy thinking outside the box to accomplish your goals. You enjoy learning and looking for opportunities. You do not wait for others to fix your problems

You genuinely enjoy getting to know and collaborate with other team members. Everyone who interacts with you describes you as positive and helpful.

Our ever-expanding clinic is looking for someone who is passionate about helping others. This right team member for this position will bring a positive attitude, a thirst and hunger to learn and great communication skills. This will be a learn on the job position outside of massage therapy skills. We are always looking to improve and learn in any capacity. The sky is the limit! If you are stuck in comfort mode and lack the willingness to learn then this job is probably not for you.


  • Those looking for a book of business to build their own business
  • Those who have a lot going on and need a side job or filler job
  • Those unwilling to sign a non-disclosure
  • Those who thrive on ego


(This job is full time commissioned based position)

Ultimately the success of your role will be defined by 3 important results.

CEO has space to continue to focus on the big picture and driving key results for growth. (Because you have Maintained utilization with clients. This may include existing clients, overflow, new client acquisition and referrals.)

Customer experience is well implemented and managed. (Client retention/referral in the best interest of client needs)

Learning and development muscles: Social media strategy; New leads from social media and referral/marketing funnels (i.e., 20 leads a month) setting goals from leads to lead conversions. (Certain incentives will be applied)


  • Florida state Licensed or national certification in Massage Therapy
  • Knowledge or education in personal training or strength training
  • Knowledge or education in stretch therapy
  • Thrive in fast moving environments
  • Communication skills-both written and verbal
  • Community service
  • Highly resourceful team player
  • Well organized/time management skills
  • Teaching and helping others

Sound good? We want to learn more about you! Here is what you can expect: a phone or text message setting up a 15-30 phone conversation as a next step followed by an in-person conversation and tour.

Please send your resume and cover letter through LinkedIn or via email gotpain@mac.com