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After several years of living with joint pain in my hips, knees and ankles I have finally gotten relief and renewed flexibility thanks to your ‘Stretch Your Life’ series of exercises. They are now a part of my regular workout routine. I can’t believe how long I lived with my knees killing me just from getting up after sitting when the problem was so easily resolved. It is a wonderful series of stretches! Thanks,
– Jo

Stretching Your Life started out as two friends (Dana and Kim) having fun and staying healthy; rehabilitating Dana’s back injury, entering multiple outdoor events/races together, and scratching things off their “bucket lists”. And it quickly morphed into something much bigger and stronger — two friends wanting to share their love for people, fun, functional movement, pain management, motivation, health, fitness and an active lifestyle with others. They are proud to say, the company continues today with the same priority — to teach and motivate YOU about health, fitness, and flexibility, so that YOU too can have fun and stretch the number of years that you remain active. In essence their mission is to help YOU have fun and Stretch Your Life.

**By the way, if you get bored during any of your sessions ask Kim/Dana about the details of how they became close friends in 2009 it’s good comic relief….

As for the name of the company, it presented itself to them out of sincerity and humor (as you’ll find most things do when the two of them are together). During an assisted stretching session in preparation for a running event, Dana thanked Kim for helping her achieve various personal running goals and with a hint of sarcasm, while stretching, said, “Kim, you have ‘stretched my life'”. The two laughed. Then Dana quickly remarked, “Hey, seriously , ‘Stretching Your Life’ — that would be a good name for a business that uses stretching to improve a client’s mobility”. Kim acknowledged, “Yeah, it would” and made a mental note of Dana’s life long interest in anatomy, physiology, health, fitness, and her fascination with with fascia, Active Isolated Stretching, and proper body mechanics that Kim introduced while working to help heal Dana’s back injury. It wasn’t long thereafter that Kim and Dana joined forces and created Stretching Your Life LLC and began providing the very same educational and therapeutic experience for others with the ultimate goal to “stretch the lives” of others — lengthen the number of years their clients remain active, mobile, and flexible.

Since creating the company in 2009, Kim and Dana have thoroughly enjoyed working with individuals, therapists, and groups of all ages and levels of mobility to provide practical solutions for everyday health challenges and needs. They improve the lives of their clients through longevity wellness and injury education; massage therapy and stretch therapy; strength training, and large doses of motivation! Click here to see testimonials about past experiences!

You’ll quickly find out that their upbeat personalities will inspire you to take charge of your health and motivate you to gain control over your pain and inhibited mobility. They love their work and their clients and look forward to helping you so they can witness you Stretching Your Life!!!

Stretching Your Life is thrilled to announce the arrival of the latest in pain treatment, Laser Therapy

Good morning! It is lee nettles , I had an appointment last Thursday at 3:00, my experience at your facility from start to finish was absolutely incredible!!! I have been doing AIS daily for about a year, and it has absolutely changed my life. I am a 50 year old single dad, I bartend and wait tables at ALA Provence, I workout, skateboard, and play every sport there is with my 7 year old boy daily. I am taking AARON MATTE’S course in January, if you offer any type of training or have any suggestions to further my education in AIS, I would be extremely interested. Life comes at you fast. If you’re not stretching, you’re not living.
– Lee Nettles
Thanks to your stretching class and teaching me to stretch, I completed the TLH marathon yesterday AND MY KNEE IS WELL!!! Can you believe it! I also am happy to report that I took 4 minutes off of my Savannah Marathon time, so my new PR is 4.41!!! Thanks you. You guys have made all the difference.
– Jo Ann
I practice Aikido out here in Portland, OR with Melanie Young and Dan Kolp. As a newbie LMT a couple years ago, they fervently urged me to take the Mattes stretching course in Seattle last June entirely because of your wonderful work with them. I can never thank you enough. My new life goal became that everyone I meet achieve and maintain their optimal flexibility in all joints so they can experience true freedom to live their lives as fully as possible. Wow. So, I have been spreading the good news. Best wishes and immense gratitude.
– Claire
I have been an avid runner for over 30 years so it is understandable that I was distraught when I broke a bone in my foot last year
and was restricted to a walking boot for 4 months. Recovery was slow, awkward and uncomfortable due to atrophy of foot and leg muscles. StretchingYour Life saved me by providing specific stretching movements that strengthened and relaxed my weakened muscle and connective tissue.  I am a frequent participant in SYL’s entertaining Wednesday night group stretch sessions to maintain this new-found
flexibility. All participants receive individualized attention, focusing on their specific problem areas.  As a result, not only am I running pain free, my race times are better than they were pre-injury.
– Pat
Thanks SO MUCH for this morning…you are REALLY good. I’ve just sort of been dancing around today because it DOESN’T HURT ANYMORE. I love STRETCHING. And the DVD is just the perfect posture police -:) thanks again!!
– John
Hi this is Michael in Arkansas. I have been doing the few stretches you showed me before I left and I just wanted to tell you thank you so much because they have been working fabulously. I showed them to my trainers and they even made a few tables with the straps so that they could perform the stretches more effectively on everyone. I don’t know when I’m coming home but when I do you can bet that you’ll be one of the first people I will be coming to visit. I hope all is well and thank you once again, I feel the best that I’ve felt in a long time.
– Michael
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