Where it Hurts and Why by Kim Ortloff

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Where It Hurts and Why: How to Gain Control of Your Pain

Nearly every adult deals with some form of pain, whether it is a new issue or a chronic and ongoing pain. Some pains are more significant than others, but everyone deserves to live as comfortable a life as possible. In this book, authors Kim Ortloff and Ed Angela discuss common ailments, causes, and treatment techniques. 

Excerpt from Amazon:

“Pain is the number-one reason American visit their doctors. Back pain, muscle aches, arthritis affect millions of people daily, limiting their activities and costing billions in medical care. Much of this suffering is unnecessary. Where It Hurts and Why can help readers take charge of their pain and become proactive in their own recovery. Individual chapters provide detailed recommendations for specific areas of the body, and also instructions for immediate treatment of acute pain.”

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