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High Intensity Laser Therapy

Stretching Your Life is proud to introduce Laser Therapy in Tallahassee. While many of us have looked to massage, stretching, and various forms of pain treatment in Tallahassee for pain-relief, a new and amazing technology is now available in the form of the Aspen Pinnacle Laser System.

Why Use Laser Therapy for Pain Relief

The Pinnacle Laser technology can deliver more energy than ANY other laser therapy. If you are interested in pursuing Tallahassee laser therapy, the Pinnacle is just that, as good as you can get. The power offered by the Pinnacle, along with the optimal wavelength and size of the treatment beam, allows for deeper penetration and much faster treatment.

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The features of the Aspen Pinnacle allow the therapists at Stretching Your Life to treat very difficult and painful conditions, providing better laser treatment and outcomes to all patients.

Laser Therapy Treatment in Tallahassee, FL

The laser therapy available at Stretching Your Life gives our doctors the ability to significantly expand treatment options, allowing for optimal dosages of treatment. If you or a loved one are experiencing chronic pain and are looking for pain treatment in Tallahassee, contact Stretching Your Life today to see if Laser Therapy can help you!