Kim Ortloff, B.S., LMT

Kim Ortloff is the founder and CEO of Kim Ortloff Massage & Flexibility Therapies; a thriving practice of 18 years, with a loyal following of elite college and professional athletes and business leaders throughout the Tallahassee community. She currently serves as a team therapist for Florida State University’s athletics. In addition, Ms. Ortloff is the co-founder of Stretching Your Life; a teaching and consulting business specifically designed to help individuals, athletes, teams, health care professionals, personal trainers and families to learn new ways to achieve flexibility and health. As CEO for Stretching Your Life, Kim continues to vigorously pursue her dream built around her expertise to introduce Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) into the national and international arena.

Stretching your Life Founder & Instructor

Stretching your Life offers practical solutions for everyday health challenges and needs. The company provides ongoing wellness and prevention education, inspiring people to take charge of their health and motivating them to gain control of their pain. The AIS workshops, provided by SYL, are designed to teach the specified methods of isolated stretching, both active and active-assisted as a CE nationally approved course for Licensed Massage Therapist throughout the nation. The focus of our seminars will provide an in-depth overview of a body’s (normal and compensated) range of motion and flexibility. This will be achieved through lecture, demonstration, and practice among participants.

Professional, Olympic & Collegiate Athlete & Team Therapist

Ms. Ortloff supports athletes locally, nationally and internationally. She works as team therapist for Florida State University’s Football, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Track & Field and Swimming programs.

Team Therapist Experience

Head Massage Therapist

Clinical Experience

Author of ‘Where It Hurts & Why’

Ms. Ortloff is co-author of Where It Hurts and Why, a guide to effective, do-it-yourself pain relief that illustrates the important aspects of wellness and health through easy-to-understand text and user-friendly anatomical diagrams, with detailed recommendations for specific areas of the body and instructions for the immediate treatment of acute pain.

Lecturer & Columnist

Ms. Ortloff has lectured at Florida State University’s department of athletic training, and speaks and teaches locally on motivation, goal setting and the promotion and application of health and wellness. She was an invited speaker to the Texas Chiropractic College in Houston for two lectures to students and doctors; guest lecturer for the National Association of Collegiate Athletic Administrators; the Claude Pepper Academy at Florida State University and at the ‘Exercise is Medicine’ Symposium at Valdosta State University. She continues to teach locally in Leon county schools and athletic programs participating in the health and wellness programs for Leon County employees. Ms. Ortloff regularly opens her therapy clinic as a teaching/learning facility for massage therapy, athletic training students and personal trainers. Ms. Ortloff has been a regular featured columnist in the health and fitness section of the Tallahassee Democrat.

Education & Licensure

Ms. Ortloff, L.M.T., has a degree in exercise physiology from Florida State University. She is a graduate of the CORE Institute of Massage Therapy and a licensed massage therapist. She is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association, Fascia Research Society, and the Florida State Massage Therapy Association. Her expertise includes massage therapy, rehabilitation, kinesiology and motivation. She continues to study with Aaron Mattes, kinesiologist and founder of the Mattes Method of Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), assisting Mattes in teaching AIS nationwide to athletic trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors and massage therapists.

Outdoor Enthusiast

Kim is an avid outdoor enthusiast and an accomplished adventure racer, triathlete, rock climber and kayaker.

Fred and Margaret, the lecture by Kim Ortloff was superb! The hands on experience of using various stretching techniques she demonstrated was invaluable. Thank you very much for all the work you did in arranging it! I suggest that we continue having Kim give the GWTC members a periodic lecture since it was also so well received and definitely a MUST have. I also highly recommend Kim’s book. I’ve had it for about 3 years and it’s an invaluable source of information on healing and, most especially, avoiding injuries. With it broken down according to each area of the body, it’s a quick source of information.
– Terry Ryan
This is your old stretching friend from Tallahassee. A few years ago Doc sent me a copy of your book. Four months ago I fell in the sand on my bike and broke my hip on the corner of the bike path in LA. While I was recovering I was sitting in my chair next to my bookcase, and there, like a sign to me, was your book. So I read it and it has helped me greatly in the recovery. I cycle again now. Thanks!
– Peter
My arm and elbow are feeling much better with the stretches you showed me!! thanks sooooo much. Just in time for my trip to the Keys to catch some lobster- we hope! Glad to have you in my corner.
– Ted
The stretching has been great! Pretty amazing correlation to my hip discomfort. If I stretch regularly, no discomfort. If I don’t, mild discomfort. Have yet to get to what I would describe as pain since I started stretching and the leg lifts. The discomfort just serves as a great reminder to stretch! I’ve been able to do long walks with no issues at all. I wanted to give you an update and thank you for sharing your amazing healing talent!!! I’m lucky to know ya! Thanks!
– Sarah



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