David Long, LMT

Stretching Your Life David Long, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

David grew up in the Tampa Bay area and was an avid cyclist during his adolescent years. In college, he studied dance and chemistry. Upon graduation, he performed with ballet companies for three years. He also became a massage therapist, specializing in Structural Integration and Myofascial Therapy for 10 years. His clients were mostly athletes from various sports, As his clientele grew and began to include specialized populations such as hospice, he became interested in the treatment of long term conditions. He learned Manual Lymphatic Drainage and added it to his practice for this purpose.

Ironically, he practices both the deepest (Myofascial) and the lightest (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) of massage techniques. Each is a valid and effective treatment for the appropriate client. While one has an anatomical approach, affecting the deep fascial structures that provide stability and support to the body, the other has a physiological emphasis, addressing the fluids within the skin and bloodstream and lymph structures.

He believes each session should produce a positive change or shift, in terms that make sense to the client on both a personal and physical level.

Services Offered

Myofascial Therapy

Myofascial therapy involves a slow deep even pressure with minimal lubricant to produce a slight surface friction. This friction warms the tissue and allows the fascia to expand. This phase change of the fascia from solid to gelatinous (thixotrophy) creates space in the body for all tissues to expand. The pressure follows the natural pattern of release that is unique to the individual.

Because fascia is pervasive in the body, extending the from just beneath the epidermis to the deeper more intrinsic musculature close to the axial skeleton, the pressure produces a fuller wave like effect that affects not only the area being addressed but extends into the adjacent areas.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This is useful in the treatment of post surgical patients where there is swelling present. This swelling impedes the flow of nutrients to the compromised areas. Manual lymphatic drainage accelerates the healing process thusly.

Additionally, MLD accelerates the flow of lymph and interstitial fluid in individuals where there is a chronic venous insufficiency, such as congestive heart failure, and other long term conditions.