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Myofascial Lines

Happy Monday!!!  So today we are going to touch on the topic of Myofascial Lines.  What exactly are “Myofascial Lines”? Basically they are lines of connective tissue that run through out the body.  There is a posterior (back) line, anterior (front) line, spiral, and lateral lines.  These lines help the body to move as a unit.  So why is this important?

Myofascial lines are integral in functional movement training, as well as coordination and stability.  Understanding and training in this fashion allows the body to build endurance, body awareness, and save energy.  It helps to improve multijoint stability and strength.  It can also help us to understand pain within the body and structural weaknesses.  Think of these lines as a kinetic chain.  One “event” occurring in an area of this kinetic chain effects the others.  By understanding this kinetic line of events, you can better understand injuries, movement limitations, and target weaker areas to increase performance.  Think about how tight hamstring and calves could cause lower back pain, or even something like Planter Fasciitis.  Take a look at this picture that illustrates these lines and see for yourself: