Matthew Allen Doolin, NMT. BA.

Stretching Your Life Matthew Allen Doolin

Matthew Doolin is a practicing neuromuscular massage therapist MA# 91073, professional ballet dancer, and dance educator. Matthew utilizes the Mattes method; Active Isolated Stretching in symphony with neuromuscular massage and Cranial Structural Energetics to reduce pain, improve mobility, and inspire his clients to reach further than imagined. Through AIS and his background as a professional athlete, Matthew is able to help his clients receive the knowledge and care they need to stay out of pain, stand taller, and live their best lives.

Mr. Doolin received his BA from Butler University in Dance Pedagogy, has taught classical dance for ten years and danced professionally for fourteen years. While performing, Matthew graduated from the National Holistic Institute’s Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program (1350 hours) in the San Francisco Bay area. Matthew is also a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

Matthew’s private practice begin in 2017, treating a diverse clientele for pain management and injury rehabilitation in San Francisco. Matthew gained valuable experience studying with Applied Kinesiologists, working in bodywork studios, and luxury day spas throughout California and Florida.

Matthew transplanted to his home state of Florida in St. Petersburg in late 2018. There he worked exclusively with the Tampa City Ballet as an artist and as their massage therapist. While dancing, he studied over 150 hours with the Founder of AIS; Aaron L. Mattes in his clinic in Sarasota, FL. Mattes has expressed his confidence in Matthew to truly make a difference in the lives of the people he meets. Matthew is humbled to combine his passions for movement and therapy to help humans embody their bodies once again.

Outside of the clinic Matthew spends a majority of his time with his weiner dog Rudy. Together they ride on Matthew’s bike, cook curries, and dive deeper into their meditation practice. Matthew is most fascinated to learn more about Zoga Movement and Structural Energetic Therapy. Matthew finds it astounding to now work under his mentor; Kim Ortloff, within her clinic, sharing and learning every step of the way.