Dana Dowling Grethe Esq., LMT, LPT

Orlando’s Best Stretch &  Massage Therapist for Alternative Pain Management Relief

Stretching Your Life Founder, Therapist & Instructor

Dana helps her clients heal after injury or surgery, prevent subsequent injuries, and manage pain caused from overuse syndrome, neurological disorders, or the stress of everyday life. She is a licensed massage/sport & functional movement therapist, personal trainer, and longevity wellness specialist. She brings her training, experience, intuition, sense of humor, and empathy to each session with her clients. She employees and customizes the application of various modalities — Sports Massage, Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) the Mattes Method, Myofacial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, and strength training in each “bodywork” session to help her clients achieve their goals.

Her experience includes successful work treating clients’ pain, tension, muscular imbalances and mobility issues in the following areas: general muscular and/or headache tension, scar tissue; lumbar, thoracic, pelvis, hip, and cervical issues, Scoliosis, Peripherial Neuropathy, Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome, Brachial Plexus Neuritis, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Stress Fractures, and Myofascial Pain Syndrome among others.

Dana finds it rewarding to conquer the challenges clients present. She assesses each client’s biomechanics and educates clients about their body and causes of pain, techniques to prevent injury, and rehabilitative therapy after an injury. But helping her clients to manage pain, achieve their goals, and “stretch their life” — by lengthening the number of years they remain active, is her number one reward. Her abilty to listen to her clients and understanding of the human body enables her to connect well with clients of all ages and the tissue of the body. She has improved the lives of individuals, collegiate and professional athletes.

If you want to improve your flexibility and mobility, manage pain, prevent injury; or just relax and contact Dana at 850.528.1945, She’ll be happy to help and motivate you to continue “Stretching YOUR Life” and achieving goals!!!

Education & Licensure

Before receiving her license and certification in message therapy & personal training, Dana graduated with honors from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science and then received her Juris Doctor in Law from Florida State University College of Law. Throughout her legal career assisting hundreds of clients, judges, and self-represented litigants, Dana maintained a fascination with the human body and passion for health and fitness.

Her fascination with the human body developed at a young age with her love for sports. She was competitive in ice skating, track, softball, tennis and golf. However, it wasn’t until she became injured as an adult training for a race that she employed Kim’s (co-owner SYL) expertise and her passion for health and fitness found an outlet to help others — Throughout many bodywork sessions, Kim shared her expertise and knowledge of AIS, biomechanics, kinesiology, and massage. Dana absorbed and applied the information and went on to run multiple short and long distances races, studied and received her licenses and created Stretching Your Life, LLC with Kim so that she could similarly improve the lives of others through hands on therapy and education.

Now, as a massage/sport and functional movement therapist, Dana loves to teach clients about — AIS (the Mattes Method) the vary approach that helped her heal and loves to witness the body’s response to such an effective tool. As a member of the Facia Research Society and the American Message Therapy Association, Dana continues to study movement impairment syndromes and various treatment modalities. Recently she attended AIS Advanced Seminars with Aaron Mattes, founder of the Mattes Method of AIS; fascial seminar with Stretching Canada’s John Paul Elliot; and Wound Healing and Fascial Seminar with Germany’s Dr. Boris Hinz in New York.

Fun & Relaxation Enthusiast

In her free time Dana makes time to jog, workout, play golf, and spend time training and snuggling with her dogs. She can even be seen entering running and adventure races from time to time, often with inadequate training — but she always takes time to stretch, of course.

As COO for the company, Dana’s responsibilities and talents include legal expertise, personal training, development of the business platform, and instructing the discipline of Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) to educate message therapist, personal trainers, companies, employers, teams, athletes, and individuals on the application, protocol, and benefits of AIS. She is also the author of the State of Florida approved CEU curriculum taught to the licensed massage therapy profession in Florida and is finalizing the Nationally approved CEU curriculum that SYL offers throughout the country.

Learn more about Dana here!

“I experienced only a few massage sessions with Dana. As a result, I came to realize the importance of a skilled therapeutic massage executed by a professional and well trained therapist. In addition Dana really cares about her clients’ health, their specific concerns, both body and spirit. She always worked with me to identify my pain triggers and taught me ways to minimize future pain. She is dedicated to her profession and her clients, and I’m glad she is available to help others with chronic issues.”

– Aaron Gerson

Dana, I’m doing great thanks to you! Was a little stiff this morning but not any longer. Thanks for seeing me so soon. Will see you next week at Wednesday night’s stretch class.

– Pam Stevens

As an individual with cerebral palsy, massage therapy is an integral part of maintaining my well-being. And the symptoms of my disability require a very intuitive therapist that can discern quickly and effectively the root causes of those musculoskeletal issues that I face. Dana Dowling is exactly that therapist. Her intuition is exceptional, and her ability to translate what she hears from me into an effective treatment is top notch. I would not be able to effectively live my life as I do without her care.

– Ryan Overstreet
Dana is an outstanding massage therapist. I have seen her many times over the last several years. Her technical expertise at massage therapy is only amplified by here intuitive knowledge of how to work on the body. She also is an expert in stretching people and teaching people how to properly stretch. I would not hesitate in sending anyone to her that needs massage therapy or stretching therapy.
– Rich Moore
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